2016 was a busy year filled with great musical developments for me: * Over 100 live performances at gigs and festivals. * A number of songwriting collaborations and an expanding collection of original material written alone. * A trip to Nashville where i met more talented and inspiring artists, musicians and songwriters in one week, and one location than i imagined possible. * A live radio session (more of these to come very soon). * And most of all the opportunities I have had to meet and work with so many incredibly gifted people.

This year I've been blessed with the warmth and support of so many artists, listeners, event organisers and others within the industry, and the encouragement of those close to me. Looking ahead, I am excited to be recording my solo EP in the studio, very soon, drawing on the expertise of an exceptional production team and bringing in some exciting artists to accompany me. Watch this space as there will be more events and news coming soon.

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