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2017 - so far!


I'm having another busy year, with plenty of exciting doors opening up for me. With my EP now almost ready for release, I'm looking ahead towards my first solo album, which I have been writing new material for. To say that i'm impatient to get the EP out would be fair :)

BBC ONE's Pitch Battle & Savannahs

As you may have seen, I've had some great television exposure this year, working with three other singer / songwriters as part of The Savannahs, (a four piece alt-country group). We took part in the BBC ONE TV Show, 'Pitch Battle'. Bringing a flavour of Country / Americana to Prime Time British television. Exciting times! I am no longer performing with the girls, my journey takes a different road to theirs, but I wish them all the best in the future. No doubt our paths will one day cross again.


We're only 8 months into this year, but these 8 months have already offered me the chance to perform at fantastic venues including the Isle of Wight Festival, Come Down and Meet The Folks, Croydon's Box Park, NMN Festival, The Dorset Arms and in supporting the Hicksville Band. I have also had more radio exposure thanks to Mandy (69x Music) and Neil (SUSY Radio).

I have been fortunate to have some exceptional musicians playing with me on my EP, album and at my live gigs. I can't thank these guys enough - not just for their excellent musicianship, but also for their support, creativity and genuine enthusiasm for the songs I create. Gigging and rehearsing with you guys, is always a fun and chilled experience and always leaves me feeling re-invigorated about my music. By Name, thank you to: Pedal steel - David Rothon (The Redlands Palomino Company), Lead guitar - Graham Nunn (The Hicksville Band), Guitar - Nick Thurtell, Drums - Oliver Jarvis, Bass - Shemeck Fraczek and Multi-instrumentalist - Tom Hughes (Dragonfly).

I am also happy to be able to say that I have continued the occasional Stapleys gigs with my good friends Les Huitson, Stuart Curran, Adrian Cruse.

Keep Posted!

I will soon be performing my original material at The Sound Lounge Tooting, also at BOTB Horsham and have live performance coming up on 'The Country Music Show', with Russell Hill. You can see all these events and more here on the site, and on facebook, where I finally have my own band page! I am also in the process of filming footage to populate my YOUTUBE channel with my fab official photo guy - John Morgan ( and also NMNs fantastic David Fisher. There are so many exciting events coming up, so please do subscribe to my website Follow me on twitter @rebecca_rie and like my facebook page.



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