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Great thanks to Steven Howlett and Americana UK for reviewing 'Not all who wander have lost their way'. Read the full review at

"Now anybody and everybody is a couple of clicks away from sharing anything. The difficulty is how to be heard when the internet is jam-packed with shoals of would-bes. But in among the masses is serious talent, and Rebecca Riedtmann is in that category for sure. So let’s have a shout out for Rebecca and promise ourselves that we will check out her debut album ‘Not All Who Wonder Have Lost Their Way’."

She has absorbed the Americana influence but produced some lovely arrangements that just nudge us away from any temptation to think we have heard it all before. Right from the start ‘Better Me’, featuring the harp playing of Tom Moth (Florence and the Machine) shows that Riedtman has an ear, guitar and pen for a strong tune.

The crowning of the record though, and what brings everything together is Rebecca’s voice. It’s rich, strong, clear and resonant.

Tremendous debut corralling all the best Americana influences into a set of sophisticated songs beautifully played"

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