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Interview for BringCountry2UK

1.) How old were you were you decided to start writing your own songs? And when did you write and perform your first song?

I started writing songs and lyrics around the age of about 15. But it is within the last 10-12 years that I have been writing and performing more seriously, first in collaboration with others and over the last couple of years solo.

2.) How long (on average) does it take you to write a song?

Some of the best lyrics I’ve written came to me very quickly, like a stream of thought, and the music has followed in the same way. Some were written in as little as an hour, though they have then been refined and improved upon over time. In my experience the best songs seem to write themselves. I tend to have some really creative spaces of time when writing flows, so i try to create as much material as possible in those times.

3.) Where did you first perform any of your songs and how old were you?

I started performing my own songs at open mics in and around Brighton when i was in my mid-twenties.

4.) What's the biggest audience you have ever performed to? What's the smallest audience you have ever performed to?

Aside from recent BBC performance which probably went out to millions, I think the largest audience I have performed live to was at the Isle of Wight Festival, 2000+ people, at a guess. The smallest audience I have played to was somewhere between 10 and 20. The smaller venues can also be fantastic as they tend to be quite intimate.

5.) What is your favourite country song and who is your favourite country artist (can be more than one)?

My likes in country music are pretty broad, and range from rootsy to rocky! I'm not sure I could pick a favourite song. I’m a big fan of Frazey Ford, who has a unique sound and writing style. Stevie Nicks, Gillian Welch, Miranda Lambert, Parker Milsap, Town Mountain, Bob Dylan, Old Crow Medicine Show... and too many others to mention.

6.) What is the most inspirational song you have heard?

I mentioned Frazey Ford before... The song of hers that recently led me towards the whole Americana scene was 'If you Gonna go'. After listening to it and the rest of her album, I started down a trail of listening to other artists, who had strong elements of soul and blues in their music, as well as the country vibe. Soon that journey led to me to visit Nashville where I met and played with some exceptional people, and made some really close friends.

7.) And finally, what are your plans for rest of 2017?

Song writing really is my passion right now. My first solo EP is very close to release and I'm hoping to get an album finished with the next year too. I'm lucky to have some fantastic players backing me, and have lots of exciting gigs lined up with a full band, performing my original material.

I have also recently become involved with designing and hosting regular Roots / Americana / Folk live music events for a Surrey venue as well as an Americana festival next year. I’m really thrilled to be helping known and emerging artists get exposure to a genuinely interested audience. It can be hard for new artists to break into the circuit, as the established venues are often booked up well ahead. It’s great to actually be involved in developing the Roots / Americana scene in the UK! As the saying goes, the best way to predict the future, is to create it!

Special Upcoming Gigs:

The Sound Lounge, Tooting:

Rebecca Riedtmann & The Glass Mountains – Sunday 15th October

Windlestock, Rhythm and Roots:

The Surrey Cricketers, Hannah Aldridge, Jetbone & Rebecca Riedtmann Saturday 28th October (Entry with ticket only)

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